Lobbying and Issue Management

A company or organisation is subject to structural rules that govern the activities of its sector. The rules are federal, cantonal or local. Their modification is likely to have an impact,

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Governmental relations

Governmental agencies form part of the business environment and can be customers as well as partners. Congenial relations with the officials of State agencies are necessary to avoid harmful risks and ensure smooth development conditions.

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Stakeholder Management

To succeed in a project or to overcome an obstacle in a complex and multi-faceted world, partnerships with other stakeholders may become necessary.
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Media relations

The media greatly contributes to public opinion. It can enhance an organisation’s credibility and reputation as well as cause irreparable harm to its image which could damage its business.

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Corporate communication

We can refuse to speak but others will always be ready to speak about us. Silence can be a source of suspicion, misconception and prejudice.

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Crisis communication

The life of an organisation is far from an easy paddle downstream. At any time, it may be confronted with a critical situation that could affect its reputation and even challenge its very existence. Crises always arise at the worst moment and provoke great stress.

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Community communication

A responsible company becomes involved in the life of its host-community by extending its products,
employees’ skills and other resources to that community.
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Elder communication

The ageing population is a font of opportunities for companies that know how to adapt their services to these “new” consumers.
Elderly people have specific consumer needs and behaviours.

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