Lobbying and Issue Management

A company or organisation is subject to structural rules that govern the activities of its sector. The rules are federal, cantonal or local. Their modification is likely to have an impact, either positive or negative, on its daily activities. A company can attempt to modify them so that they align more with the needs of its business.

Lobbying opens the door to the political and administrative spheres where a company can attempt to influence decisions so as to defend its interests in a particular issue.

We offer:

•Audit and strategy
•Policy, legislation and regulation intelligence and monitoring
•Key-message formulation
•Preparation of arguments
•Background records generation
•Preparation of position papers
•Ad hoc lists of key persons
•Organisation of meetings
•Digital communication
•Establishment and encouragement of shared-interest groups
•Management of vote campaign committees
•Media relations
•Customised training for lobbying and the management of a public affairs sector