Any organisation may need to engage in dialogue with the authorities or influence one of their decisions. These steps cannot be improvised; they require a detailed knowledge of the practices and processes leading up to them. Lobbying is an art which can be learned. We offer experience-based and practice-oriented training courses in politics and lobbying. These training sessions allow you to acquire new skills and to benefit from the latest trends in the field of political consulting and lobbying.

Our concept of training in politics and lobbying focuses on three areas: knowledge of the institutional context, political processes and practices; learning the methodology for successful influencing; and practical case solving. We favour an exchange between participants and the sharing of views and experiences.

We offer both public and in-company training. The content of the latter will be adapted according to the profile of the participants, the objectives and the sector of activity. We also offer coaching services in the fields of politics and lobbying which consist of personalised long-term support and promote the transfer of skills.

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